SS16 LFW Highlights: Everyday Maximalism

Spring Summer 2016 is teaching the world how to do everyday maximalism and with sequins, metallics and psychedelic graphics in 60s inspired prints London proved it was leading the way. You may have seen the maximalism trends on the runway for years and recently spotlighted with confetti crowd, however this SS16 is all about making it wearable and luxurious.

almeida collage

Marques Almeida‘s extravagant ruffles, feathers and bridal-esque fabrics were toned down with raw edges, oversized leather jackets, denim and wonky fringes; the uniformly moody eye makeup finished it all off.Ashish ss16Ashish, a collection that was inspired by how a scattering of sequins looked on a work bench in their studio, did not disappoint with nostalgic glittery embellishments and anatomical embroideries. I predict this will be endlessly inspiring next summer’s festival fashion, and beauty with those sequinned partings.

MM6 collageMM6 Maison Martin Margiela. Everything was slightly oversized as usual with block platform shoes and sleeves tailored to drown model’s arms. MM6 taught us that this year’s maximalism is all about the cut and shape.

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Scarf Print & Vintage Denim

Denim jacket fishnet outfit 2This scarf print & pom pom skirt is going to be one of my summer staples as it goes so well with white blouses and shell tops for a bohemian feel or with block colour crops like this minty blue one. I also wore it with an old Levis denim jacket because although its sunny enough to brave bare legs, in May England’s breezes still call for layers. I got it for €10 from a french vintage store and it is so ripped and distressed that I usually pair it with a fishnet top to make the holes more interesting.

I am obsessed with lace up shoes at the moment and I treated myself to these from Office after I finished most of my exams, hence why I’m back to blogging. Apologies for the break but I’ve got lots of exciting things planned such as a giveaway featuring bespoke items (when I reach 100 followers), opinion pieces, lots more DIYs and festival wardrobe tutorials so Follow via bloglovin to make sure you don’t miss out.

Denim jacket outfit 1

Denim jacket fishnet outfitOutfitDenim Jacket Outfit Lace up shoesBoho scarf print skirt denim outfitDenim Jacket Outfit Fishnet

Denim Jacket Vintage Levis, Crop top Topshop, Fishnet top Handmade, Skirt Asos, Choker Topshop, Shoes Office 

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Dusty Pink Kimono & Gypsy Blouse

IMG_2653 editI visited the V&A museum, London for the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition (which will have a post of its own so keep checking). The museum’s courtyard of 19th century architecture and tropical foliage made for  a lovely place to eat lunch in the sun and also for an outfit post. I wore a dusty pink satin kimono I found hidden at the back of my local vintage store. Like a true stranger to colour I paired it with an all black ensemble so that the outfit would be kept simple and the kimono would be the main focus.

For makeup, I created a red and earthy toned smokey eye using the Limecrime Venus Palette and wore my favourite pinkish nude lipstick & liner combo from Kiko Cosmetics. V&A museum

IMG_2657 edit 3V&A museum outfitDusty pink kimono ootdV&A museumDusty pink kimono all black outfitKimono Jemporium Vintage, Jeans Allsaints, Top Primark, Boots Kurt Geiger*, Coin necklace Dixi

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DIY 90s Rave Costume

DIY 90s rave outfit 1As an interjection to my mini blogging hiatus (due to exams) I thought I’d share with you how I pulled together a costume for a party with the theme of ‘nineties rave’. It was a very well chosen theme considering the giant barn venue and after last year’s 90s revival most people had something appropriate in their wardrobe. I wanted to wear something comfortable and colourful so chose these vintage levi’s. I grabbed them at a car boot sale for 99p only to realise they were six sizes too big, but clinched in with a belt they have that mom jean feel.

To wear with the jeans I found a yellow top at Topshop for £6 which I painted the acid house smiley onto and layered ontop of a fishnet top. Black mesh tops are circulating around the highstreet at extortionate prices when its so simple to buy a pair of fishnet tights from a pound store and cut off the crotch and feet. They’re perfect for layering under crop tops, pinafores and backless dresses. All of this added up to less than £15 besides these awesome platform converse I found on eBay a few years ago for around £20.

Top Customised Topshop, Fishnets Boots, Jeans Thrifted Levis, Platform Converse Ebay, Sunglasses Market 

DIY 90s rave fishnet crop topDIY 90s rave outfit 2DIY 90s rave outfit 3Platform sneakers and mom jeansFollow via bloglovin to hear about the upcoming giveaway!

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Grungey Birthday Makeup Wishlist

Its my birthday in a week and at this current moment in time there are so many makeup products that I am lusting over so I compiled together a wishlist. There seems to be an accidental theme of dark and muted redish purple colours which is definitely the tones I’m leaning towards for my makeup at the moment. I’m tired of my routine bright purple lips and brown smokey eyes and I’m ready for a more grungey, romantic colour range. Grunge Makeup and beauty best buys(clockwise starting from top left) NB: I wrote this post in advance before the whole Limecrime scandal and although my desire for these particular items has not wavered I would probably have added fewer of their products to this list if I’d known)

Real Techniques ‘Starter Set’
My addiction to eye makeup youtube tutorials has made me want every shape and style of eyeshadow brush in the world but I guess I’ll start with this.

Limecrime Venus Palette 
I didn’t like the colour selection at first, hence why I didn’t get it before it sold out, but since then I’ve really fallen in love. The warm reds, browns and burgundys are opposite to blue on the colour wheel so will really (hopefully) make my blue eyes pop and are perfect for creating a smokey grungey look that isn’t as heavy as greys and blacks. An added bonus being the ode to Venus on the packaging, the art student side of me is satisfied.

Limecrime Velvetines
As someone who tops up their lipstick every half an hour, the idea of a liquid to matte lip paint that apparently does not budge ALL DAY sounds heavenly. The shades (from left to right) Salem, Riot, Wicked and Cashmere have infatuated me but unfortunately are almost all sold out and Riot hasn’t even been released yet! Fingers crossed it will be soon and not too delayed by Limecrime’s recent issues

Mac Lipsticks
Do I really need a reason to want these…

Colour Pop eyeshadows in ‘Doe-a-deer’, ‘Hustle’ and ‘Cricket’
I’m really keen to incorporate more purples and burgundy into my eye makeup because they can be so flawlessly blended into traditional browns/neautrals or grey/black smokey eyes. Although these are very autumnal shades and we should all be embracing s/s collections, autumn colouring is what suits my hair and skin tones the best so I tend not to let seasons affect my makeup.

Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara
This product isn’t new to me; I use it everyday and its recently run out and I will definitely be restocking. If you’re going to try it for the first time do be warned it does take a little while to get used to! I disliked it until I learnt to apply it right as you’ll need a lot less product than with other mascaras.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
The sample of this that came with my Naked Palette worked so well that I’m not sure how I’ve been surviving without a primer so far. Absolute lifesaver.

Limecrime Zodiac Glitter
I’m getting prematurely excited for festivals, seeing as they’re already expecting us to fork over the ticket fees and naturally I’ve started thinking about glitter again. Last summer for Secret Garden Party I used your standard arts&crafts table glitter applied with gel and water and so I’m very enthusiastic about the idea of using a beautifully packaged and ethically produced glitter that is actually made for use on skin.

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Liebster Award

thisischichi liebster awardIn the past couple of days I’ve recieved the Liebster award twice from Street or Chic and The Chic Times Magazine. Firstly thank you to both these bloggers and also a little thanks to twitter as this is an example of the many opportunities it has opened up to my blog and I. If you’re not familiar with the Liebster award it is one focused on bringing attention to the smaller, newer and ‘up and coming’ blogs by only giving eligibility to those bloggers with under 200 twitter followers. It involves answering 11 questions, nominating 11 bloggers and writing them a new set of questions. I’ll be answering the questions from both bloggers.

What inspired you to start your blog?
The idea for a blog came from Pose Blog and Its on with Allegra and from that point forward having a blog just seemed like an outlet for one of my main interests. It does annoy me slightly that there are so many girls out there starting a blog just for press samples i.e. ‘freebies’ or for internet fame. In my opinion good content can only be produced when the blogger is actually passionate about the subject, not just to feed exactly what brands and readers want.

What is your favourite blog post you’ve written and why?
Red kimono and leather skirtProbably ‘Zen Garden: Black lace and red silk” because it was such a fun outfit and I really experimented with the editing for it.

What are your favourite type of blog posts to write?
I really love writing runway reviews such as my latest Valentino Pre-fall ’15 post, despite the fact that these are the least well received by my readers?! Its also always enjoyable putting together DIY tutorials or showing you the garments I make because it encourages me to be more creative with my sewing etc and to put aside more time to creating elements of my wardrobe rather than just buying it. You can see my DIY plaid pinafore here.

What do you love about blogging?
I like the chance to create content related to things that inspire me and the industry that I am passionate about working in. It is also a tool to communicate and connect with others who have the same interests.

One word to describe your blog?
This is the hardest question given to me from either bloggers! It would probably be better answered by one of my readers to please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Describe your fashion?
I like wearing a lot of black accented with pieces of bold pattern or prints. Most of my wardrobe is vintage or second hand because good quality fabrics are cheaper that way and items are more individual.

Who is your favourite blogger and why?
Such a tough question as there are so many that I find utterly inspiring so I must make a post on this soon. To pick one it’d be Luanna from Le Happy purely because she is one of the only bloggers that can’t write a post I dislike.

Favourite Instagramer?
@leannewoodfull  from
and @ameliabreading from (one of my nominees)

An item you’re currently lusting over?
The bras at Lonely Label (images from their instagram)
lonely lingerie

What three items do you always carry in your handbag?
Besides the obvious phone, wallet, keys etc I always carry a lipstick with me; I have to be having a really rough day not to be wearing any. Also headphones and my NUS card because I couldn’t live without music or student discount.

What is a beauty product you would repurchase again and again?
Mac mineralise skin finish bronzer (I’m currently saving up for the highlighter) and Maybelline dream matte mouse foundation.

Tell us one random fact about yourself.
I am studying towards an Art Foundation diploma next year

Describe your dream holiday
I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco or Turkey because the culture and architecture looks so beautiful with lots of chances to browse markets and explore interesting new places.

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
Autumn without a doubt! Its my favourite season as nature becomes so colourful and you get to wear a/w clothing without feeling too cold. I would choose layering knitwear and leather jackets and chunky boots over summery clothing any day.

London, Paris or New York?
London. Everything exciting I go to seems to be there (concerts, exhibitions, events, shopping, job opportunities etc) so I tend to get the idea that London is the centre of the universe, therefore I am naturally a bit biased to this question.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
To the 1960s to go to Woodstock for dirt cheap, to the 90s so I could meet teenage Leonardo Dicaprio and to Ancient Egypt for the culture.

In return I nominate the following bloggers:
nominees 1 & &

nominees 3 & &

nominees 2 & &

If you choose to accept this nomination, here are the rules:
Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.
Answer the questions you have been asked.
Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers on twitter.
Ask them 11 questions of your own.
Notify them that they have been nominated.

Here are your questions:
What is your favourite fashion designer?
What would you describe your blogging ‘niche’ as?
Do you prefer autumn/winter collections or spring/summer?
What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
What’s your dream job?
Do you see fashion as an art form or a commercial product?
Where do you find inspiration the most?
Whats your favourite city that you’ve visited?
If you could go one place in the world, where would it be?
Whats your favourite blog post that you’ve ever written?
Whats your favourite form of social media?


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DIY Plaid Pinafore

DIY pinafore in the snowI’m trying to bring back to the niche that I started it with originally and focus more on fashion from a design and artistic practice perspective than a styling one. Therefore you’ll being a lot more runway reports (such as my latest on Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 collection), DIY tutorials, advice for other students and my own work.

 I’ve been meaning to share this dress on my blog for a while now. It is one of the easiest, fastest and simplest item of clothing I have ever made before and I assure you even with only a basic knowledge of dressmaking you can attempt this DIY. I needed something smart to wear to a family event that wasn’t too dressy or evening wear-ish so I pulled together this pinafore in about 40minutes. This may seem like a long time to some but after slaving over intricate corsets and fitted floor-length fishtail gowns in my textiles coursework it seems like a dream to finish one garment in under an hour. I recycled the fabric from a skirt I made and wore in this post, which was £2 a metre from Portobello Market!

DIY pinafore

This pinafore dress consists of two pattern pieces and elastic straps. I didn’t line it because I only intended to wear it to one event, therefore I didn’t really need it to be that durable (however I feel now that I will re-wear it again and again) however I did hem everything for a clean finish. To design the shapes of the two pieces you can use a dress you already own as a guide for the length and create any neckline/ back shape you want! Its so simple. I chose a V-neck cut because I thought that would work really well layered on top of polo necks and fishnet tops. DIY pinafore in the snow 2I styled it over a black top with slits on the elbows because I am really loving layering monochrome with patterned pieces at the moment. I also wore lace up heeled boots and a leather jacket to carry on the grungey look. Would you like to see more of my handmade pieces incorporated into my personal style posts?

Lace up boots in the snowDIY pinafore in the snow 2DIY plaid pinafore dress styled with leather jacketHandmade pinafore and leather jacketPinafore Dress Handmade, Top Choies, Leather Jacket Allsaints, Boots Kurt Geiger

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Valentino Pre-fall 2015

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino are constantly leaving me with a sense of bewilderment and astonishment, and I could not name you a collection under Valentino that has disappointed me (fingers crossed for autumn/winter 2015!). Although we’ve had the couture and mens a/w collection since their pre-fall I just had to blog about it because it really did ball me over. Everything I have a soft spot for (celestial constellations, intricate beading, sheer gowns, leather, lace up heels…) is featured in this collection so I am admittedly biased in my review of this, but then again who COULD see a flaw in this collection? This collection had an impressive 97 looks and so this is just a sample of my favourites, to review it in full click here.

valentino 3 thisischichiHow someone has managed to paint models in a night sky whilst skilfully avoiding the garish galaxy prints of the hughstreet circa two/three years ago, I do not know. The use of a very selective colour scheme and a uniform base colour for nearly all the celestial garments helps to maintain a level of simplicity that really does separate the high end and the generic (if you want some context click here to view the high streets ‘equivalent’). There’s almost a cut out feel to some of the patterns created, fashion’s note to everyone’s Matisse obsession perhaps? These garments are playful, dreamy, hypnotic and have the ability to create that feeling of a void that you never knew existed but now realise only they could fill.valentino 2 thisischichi Valentino 1 a pre-fall could not be complete without their signature floor length embellished sheer gowns. This collection boasted a range of these including twinkling gold stars on deep blue organza, a glistening ice princess dress and a lively flourish of embroidered plantlife to  compliment the more folky segment of the collection.

valentino 4Amongst the luxurious embellished gown is a satisfyingly simplistic selection of casual daywear. There were elements of normcore but in interesting new cuts and accessorised with disgustingly jazzy striped shoes. I’m loving the cape-like-sleeves on textured waistcoats, the classic blue denim smartened up and of course the white collar peaking out from black leather. Its inspired me to consider opting for a cheap cropped leather jacket in addition to my usual biker just to style with my unnecessarily extensive cumulation of white shirts. All images from 

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How to Style a Velvet Kimono Jacket

IMG_1018 editI’ve been wanting to share with you all this kimono ever since I bought it. Its from Peekaboo Vintage’s concession stand at the Topshop in Oxford Circus. I fell in love with their rack as soon as I saw it and it took so long to choose my favourite. I eventually chose this one because I’ve always preferred the more duster jacket shape to kimonos as I find it easier to style and the bold, almost geometric pattern made an interesting change to the traditional oriental fabrics I normally lean to. For the icing on the cake its velvet, and who can resist clothes that feel nice?!

I paired it with a lilac tiered cold shoulder top, which I thrifted from depop for £11, to compliment the purples in the jacket. And with skinny jeans and boots this outfit is so easy to throw on for day or evening wear.

IMG_0991 editIMG_0995 editIMG_1007 editIMG_1005 editIMG_0988 editIMG_0992 crop

Velvet Kimono Peekabo Vintage, Jeans Allsaints, Top Thrifted, Coat Allsaints,
Boots Kurt Geiger

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DIY Garter

This is a super easy DIY but so effective. Essentially all you need is elastic, scissors and something to sew with: either a machine or needle and thread. However a measuring tape can be added to the list for all the perfectionists out there. 

For my garter I used 20mm black elastic, but if I had 15mm at the time I would have preferred to use that. First I measured my leg at my desired height and 2.5inches below first and second band. This design could work with a varied number of tiers or with a suspender clip added, which I will definitely try in the future. For those of you who aren’t interested in making your own but like the design, I am selling them on my depop under the username @nadia_thisischichi along with some other handmade items such as velvet triangle bras, Alexander Wang style bralets and metallic halter-neck tops!

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