Guggenheim Bilbao: Floral Dogs & Light Waterfalls

Whilst we’re in the area I decided to spend the day in Bilbao, Spain to visit the Guggenheim museum there. It was a really interesting day looking at its exhibitions and drawing in leather-bound sketchbooks on the go. There was so much to see; we didn’t even finish it all in one day! The architecture of the museum is so striking that the building in itself is a piece of art.White T-Shirt Zadig&Voltaire, Blue Jeans H&M, White converse style shoes Primark, backpack River IslandFollow this blog

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One Response to Guggenheim Bilbao: Floral Dogs & Light Waterfalls

  1. Isa says:

    Ahahahaha that first sculpture looks almost like weird condom balloons… but actually maybe regular balloons? I dunno. They’re weird.

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