DIY Garter

This is a super easy DIY but so effective. Essentially all you need is elastic, scissors and something to sew with: either a machine or needle and thread. However a measuring tape can be added to the list for all the perfectionists out there. 

For my garter I used 20mm black elastic, but if I had 15mm at the time I would have preferred to use that. First I measured my leg at my desired height and 2.5inches below first and second band. This design could work with a varied number of tiers or with a suspender clip added, which I will definitely try in the future. For those of you who aren’t interested in making your own but like the design, I am selling them on my depop under the username @nadia_thisischichi along with some other handmade items such as velvet triangle bras, Alexander Wang style bralets and metallic halter-neck tops!

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  1. lisa prince says:

    weldone on making that , its not something i would wear but love the skirt

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