Grungey Birthday Makeup Wishlist

Its my birthday in a week and at this current moment in time there are so many makeup products that I am lusting over so I compiled together a wishlist. There seems to be an accidental theme of dark and muted redish purple colours which is definitely the tones I’m leaning towards for my makeup at the moment. I’m tired of my routine bright purple lips and brown smokey eyes and I’m ready for a more grungey, romantic colour range. Grunge Makeup and beauty best buys(clockwise starting from top left) NB: I wrote this post in advance before the whole Limecrime scandal and although my desire for these particular items has not wavered I would probably have added fewer of their products to this list if I’d known)

Real Techniques ‘Starter Set’
My addiction to eye makeup youtube tutorials has made me want every shape and style of eyeshadow brush in the world but I guess I’ll start with this.

Limecrime Venus Palette 
I didn’t like the colour selection at first, hence why I didn’t get it before it sold out, but since then I’ve really fallen in love. The warm reds, browns and burgundys are opposite to blue on the colour wheel so will really (hopefully) make my blue eyes pop and are perfect for creating a smokey grungey look that isn’t as heavy as greys and blacks. An added bonus being the ode to Venus on the packaging, the art student side of me is satisfied.

Limecrime Velvetines
As someone who tops up their lipstick every half an hour, the idea of a liquid to matte lip paint that apparently does not budge ALL DAY sounds heavenly. The shades (from left to right) Salem, Riot, Wicked and Cashmere have infatuated me but unfortunately are almost all sold out and Riot hasn’t even been released yet! Fingers crossed it will be soon and not too delayed by Limecrime’s recent issues

Mac Lipsticks
Do I really need a reason to want these…

Colour Pop eyeshadows in ‘Doe-a-deer’, ‘Hustle’ and ‘Cricket’
I’m really keen to incorporate more purples and burgundy into my eye makeup because they can be so flawlessly blended into traditional browns/neautrals or grey/black smokey eyes. Although these are very autumnal shades and we should all be embracing s/s collections, autumn colouring is what suits my hair and skin tones the best so I tend not to let seasons affect my makeup.

Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara
This product isn’t new to me; I use it everyday and its recently run out and I will definitely be restocking. If you’re going to try it for the first time do be warned it does take a little while to get used to! I disliked it until I learnt to apply it right as you’ll need a lot less product than with other mascaras.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
The sample of this that came with my Naked Palette worked so well that I’m not sure how I’ve been surviving without a primer so far. Absolute lifesaver.

Limecrime Zodiac Glitter
I’m getting prematurely excited for festivals, seeing as they’re already expecting us to fork over the ticket fees and naturally I’ve started thinking about glitter again. Last summer for Secret Garden Party I used your standard arts&crafts table glitter applied with gel and water and so I’m very enthusiastic about the idea of using a beautifully packaged and ethically produced glitter that is actually made for use on skin.

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