DIY 90s Rave Costume

DIY 90s rave outfit 1As an interjection to my mini blogging hiatus (due to exams) I thought I’d share with you how I pulled together a costume for a party with the theme of ‘nineties rave’. It was a very well chosen theme considering the giant barn venue and after last year’s 90s revival most people had something appropriate in their wardrobe. I wanted to wear something comfortable and colourful so chose these vintage levi’s. I grabbed them at a car boot sale for 99p only to realise they were six sizes too big, but clinched in with a belt they have that mom jean feel.

To wear with the jeans I found a yellow top at Topshop for £6 which I painted the acid house smiley onto and layered ontop of a fishnet top. Black mesh tops are circulating around the highstreet at extortionate prices when its so simple to buy a pair of fishnet tights from a pound store and cut off the crotch and feet. They’re perfect for layering under crop tops, pinafores and backless dresses. All of this added up to less than £15 besides these awesome platform converse I found on eBay a few years ago for around £20.

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