Things I love {at the moment}

1- Being a magazine addict! This month I ended up with a pile of my favourite magazines- Elle, Vogue and Company, for one reason or another. I just discovered Company magazine and it is sooooo good (and only £2). I will definitely have to scan in some of my favourite pages and show you (: 2- My new necklace from the local charity shop. Must plan an outfit with it.
3- Strawberries. Whether they’re on top of a home made pavalova or coated in chocolate.
4- The fact that it’s my birthday this week. On my wishlist is… T-shirt from here, Shorts from here, Ring from here and Necklace from here (which all makes a cute outfit!)
5- The Coco Chanel biography that I’m reading at the moment.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Thanks a bunch for spending some time to explain the terminlogy for the novices!

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