DIY: Isabel Marant tie-dye jeans

Ever since I first saw the Isabel Marant s/s 2012 I have been in love with the whole aesthetic. My heart sank a bit upon discovering her gorgeous blue and white tie-dye jeans come at over £100 but fortunately they are so easy to DIY. I actually had a lot of fun making them and I love how they are slightly more creative than just buying a pair. Tie-dyeing is a very unpredictable process and so every pair turns out different and unique.What you will need:
-jeans (I chose blue but the Isabel Marant show proved red works just as well)
-rubber bands
-bucket¬†To create the effect of veins and patches of colour simple tie off sections of the jeans using rubber bands. I warn you I used a large amount of bands so be prepared.The more you screw the jeans up and tie them into a smaller bundle the more blue will remain. This is due to the bleach only acting on the exposed areas and the hidden areas remaining blue. So how much ‘banding’ you do depends wether you want the jeans to turn out predominantly blue or white.Place the bundle of jeans into a bucket of one quarter bleach and three quarter water. Leave for as long as possible and then turn over and leave for the same time. I left for around an hour each side.Eventually the colour of the liquid in the bucket will start to change as the dye runs out of the jeans. When done, drip dry them on the washing line and then wash them (without anything else in the machine). The bleached areas on my jeans looked green until I washed them and they came out white.Look how great they turned out! I will be posting a look in them very soon, please comment and tell me if you give this a try or if you have a passion for DIYs too like me.

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  1. amazing!!! saw your post on IFB group. keep up the good work!

  2. Louisa says:

    my jeans are green right now in the bleach, is that normal?

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