Winter Sun

My favourite past time to fill the empty hours at airports is designer duty free shopping; trying out various expensive perfumes and handbags big enough to carry Chihuahuas in. However, sunglasses have always worked the best at distracting me from the wait for the gate number announcement. The pairs I’ve been particularly drooling over are:

1. Prada Baroque 

These beauties have been poured over the fashion blogosphere and I can see why. The very distinct curl detail at the side makes these sunglasses that much more exciting without making the actual lenses too obscure for any normal person to wear. They come in around 13 different variations of this particular Baroque style and go perfectly with the Baroque trend at the moment. Buy the originals here for £156 or cheapskate imitation style here for £6.30

2. Dolce & Gabanna Sicilian Baroque

These are an absolutely beautiful pair of black sunglasses decorated with gold antique roses Dolce & Gabanna style as part of the Sicilian Baroque collection (which has a stunning advertising campaign).

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