Fyodor Golan Fashion Show @ V&A

On Friday I went to see an amazing fashion show at the V&A museum as part of the fashion in motion series, which was completely free! It was by the innovative designers behind Fyodor Golan who first launched in 2010 with their ‘Pagan Poetry’ A/W collection. They then went on to win the Fashion Fringe award for their ‘Flowers of Evil’ collection. As you’ve probably already guessed, the two desginers (Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman) base each collection around a theme and like creating a story for them. Their inspirations are drawn from artists such as Frida Kahlo, Courtney Love, Pedro Almodovar and also things like tattoos.

I really liked this collection because of the wide range of gorgeous features; every piece had a new and unique detail that caught your attention and yet the collection flowed as one. There was use of interesting texture, intricate beading, floating light fabrics, cut-out details and much more. It was very exciting to see each new look come down the catwalk and how they would use ‘unusual shapes and proportions created through manipulating fabrics’ (quote from V&A).

The general aesthetic of the fashion show added a whole new element: the make-up by Michelle Webb for AOFM PRO, the lighting and the music all gave the show a surreal atmosphere. My favourite pieces were these (above) because I loved how they looked like mosaics.

Unfortunately, the focus on the camera I usually rely on has broken and so the pictures that I took of the show are not very good quality. This does also mean that I couldn’t take any outfit photos! I does create a ‘stylistic’ effect but you can’t really see the beautiful fashion items…

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