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I am going to share with you my secret of finding designer items affordably. I’m not one to splurge out on something just because it has a logo plastered across it but I have come across certain items which look gorgeous and have been irresistibly cheap for their designer label. So listen closely…The first is markets which is where I got this red velvet beauty for €5. I found it in a deceptively wonderful market in a square in Florence. At first glance it appeared, well, nothing special but after delving and sifting through the heaps of clothes I realised the whole market was dripping with ‘treasure’. As well as this Moschino tee, I bought my mum a Maxmara cashmere/ marino wool cardigan and myself a lovely blouse which you might see soon.Second is charity shops. Believe it or not this gorgeous Hermes scarf was only 99p buried within a random collection of scarves. It’s silk and printed with the classic Hermes key and rope pattern that it is known for and endlessly imitated in highstreet shops like H&M. Ironically this find ended up being cheaper than any highstreet could offer. This was purchased during my period of volunteering at an Oxfam charity shop.Last but not least is Vintage Shops. If you want cheaper designer goodies than vintage is the way to go- it is second hand and old, which may not sound very appealing but definitely knocks off the price. This Louis Vouitton class barrel shaped bag is from the 80s which is technically retro but found in an Italian Vintage shop for around £30. To be honest I prefer its style to some of the newer designs- the leather is buttery but matt at the same time and due to the lack of mobile phones at the time simplistically has no pockets inside.

Alternatively, I have not put car-boot sales on my list because although I am an avid fan unless you live in an extremely wealthy area you are unlikely to find anything designer. There is no denying these sales and fairs have their virtues, the just don’t belong amongst this post.

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