DIY Floral Headband

Some may say that this post is slightly behind the other surge of flowery headband DIYs and outfit posts in the blogosphere. However being myself, the Queen of Contrary, I had a sudden urge that this winter would be my time to whip out the tools and create a ‘crown’ for myself of fake roses and leaves. Seeing as the colour previously referred to as burgundy and now christened ‘oxblood’ is trending and I will eternally have a loyalty to wearing black- the colour coding means my headband is not as seasonally confused as you may have previously thought. Here’s how to make it:What you will need is shown in the photograph: a headband, scissors, glue-gun and fake flowers. Some of these flowers were bought at a florist and the others at a craft’s haberdashery and they can be whatever you like.Lay the flowers out and play with how you want it to look and then glue gun to fix them. Add detail with the leaves that come with your faux fleur bouquets!And voila! This is my finished result which I can’t wait to pair with my velvet crop top as mentioned before. If you don’t want to make your own you can find beautiful specimens at Crown and Glory or Nastygal.

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