Dress up velvet, dress down denim

These photos were taken with some lovely friends before we celebrated New Years Eve. After the big countdown we went onto a friend’s roof which was amazing because we could see the whole city’s fireworks in every direction.

I’m wearing a H&M dress that I’ve wanted to shoot with ever since I bought it because the transparency of the skirt works wonders on camera. It also has a black velvet bodice which matched perfectly with these piece of heaven shoes I found in the Zara sale; black velvet platform sandals. I showed them to a friend today and the first thing she said was: “they’re so you!”. Which is probably due to my secret obsession with velvet. I also received lots of velvet from my sister for christmas and it’s been very exciting planning what to make with it!Dress& Jacket H&M, Shoes Zara, Necklaces- Camden Market, DIY and AccesoriseThese photos were taken by my gorgeous friend Tilly, she’s just got more interested in photography and we have a a red bubble page together. Check out her instagram @fenttimanphotos

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2 Responses to Dress up velvet, dress down denim

  1. evan says:

    I would have loved to wear something like this for new year’s! The shoes are killer and I’ve got to find some sparkly tights like thos. Looks like you had fun!
    Love, Evan

  2. leah says:

    love your blog! saw u on instagram and knew i had to check it out! beautiful dress! and i love the shoes and necklaces too 🙂 xx

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