London Fashion Weekend

Recently I went down to Somerset House for LFWend with my friend Zoe. The discounted designer shopping there was perfect as usual and the highlights of the day included entering the Levi’s competition, lusting over the floral headbands in the Eastern Promise show, receiving free lace Triumph panties, finding the nicest sequin shorts in the world and taking mad self-timer photos. I wore oversized denim shirt Camden Lock Market, Leather sleeved parka Topshop, Boots River Island, Crosses earings Miss SelfridgeThe Levi’s Competition ^
What Zoe wore ^. For more details of her outfit check her blog out!

We also really enjoyed watching the Trend show at LFWend. The show was split into four trends: Graphic design, urban lifestyle, eastern promise and doll’s house. Sorry this post is so late; I’ve barely had enough internet recently!

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  1. Jade says:

    Hi 🙂 I love how you wore your denim top, paired with the Doc Martens!

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