Shooting Lomography Style

I have always been a fan of disposable cameras: the excitement of picking up your prints and seeing how your pictures turned out. To start shooting on analogue was a natural progression, the weapon of choice being the Lomography Diana F+. At first it was a struggle to get a decent picture but now, admittedly I’ve still a lot to learn, but I love it! Everything is manual and therefore a completely different experience to shooting auto on digital. Here are some of my favourites from a trip to Camden, snow in my back yard and various moments with friends. Delicious chocolate coated fruit stall and deep fried oreos.Bong and vintage shops: two most common sites around Camden Market!Fell in love with this small shop overflowing with sweaters and a quirky ‘cash is lord’ sign taped to an old TV in the corner. For a perfectionist like myself learning to experiment with the exposure settings etc. has taught me to embrace spontaneity within my photography. All the above are examples of my first attempts but the dreamy effect and full of imperfections (in a perfect kind-of-way) style has grown on me.

What are your opinions on taking photos on film vs. digital?

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2 Responses to Shooting Lomography Style

  1. Sophie Stevens says:

    I’m loving these Nadia! They actually turned out so well!

  2. paige says:

    love your lomo photos! i’ve got a lomography camera too, need to get my film developed!x

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