Summer Wishlist: Capes, Crystals & Kimonos

Salt in our hair, sand between our toes. Walking barefoot just to feel the summer grass beneath you. Surfing all day. Evenings that turned into mornings, spent under homemade canopies in a forest, surrounded by people you love. Expelling the negative energy from the hectic past few months of exams. Feeding off each others happiness. Making music till your fingers bleed from guitar strings or painting till your arms ache: channeling your youthful creativity before its lost. Close your eyes and you can be in a million places at once. Hang lanterns in the trees above and sip lemonade whilst you decide what shapes the clouds make. You’re high off the summer heat. Silk kimonos floating on the wind become a uniform for the carefree. Crystals hang on old chains around necks to cleanse your aura. 1. quartz bullet necklace 2. floral kimono jacket 3. crystal quartz necklace 4. tibetan quartz crystal necklace 5. burgundy sheer chiffon kimono 6. mystic raw crystal necklace1. vintage floral kimono 2. aqua aura crystal necklace 3. pastel swirl cape 4. rainbow aura crystal necklace 5. aztec duster jacket

I’m planning to do a crystal necklace giveaway when I hit 100 followers to remember to follow via bloglovin!

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2 Responses to Summer Wishlist: Capes, Crystals & Kimonos

  1. Chol says:

    I love kimonos, teaming them with crystals is a lovely idea <3 x


  2. crystal says:

    can never have too many crystals! haha!

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