Platforms at Prom: How to find the perfect dress

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For those overly fussy about both the style and fit of dresses, finding something to wear to extremely special occasions such as prom or relative’s weddings can be an ordeal. I offer one piece of advice: go bespoke. This can be easier and cheaper than it sounds. To start with almost everything handmade at etsy requires your measurements meaning it will be specifically sewn to fit you. Many shop owners there will be happy to negotiate adjustments to the style of the dress or even try to make your design from scratch; so just search around a bit.

Personally I struggled to find ‘the perfect prom dress’ and was delighted to find that I could have one tailored to my own liking. I decided on a combination of the bodice in this dress and a skirt of my own description; all in a right blue to match my eyes and a silver sash. The fit wasn’t 100% ideal but the lace up corset design made that easy to work around, so I didn’t have to send it back to China for free adjustments! The shoes were much harder to find and after a hopeless search for silver metallic sandals I opted for these swirly grey platforms at only £24.99.Have you ever ordered anything to your own design before?
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  1. Patricia says:

    would love to see or learn more of the velvet sandals!

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