2014 Reflection

I apologise for the recent hiatus from blogging but various aspects of my life have seemed to have greedily stolen my time and attention, the main culprits being Alevel coursework and a new job. However I have big plans for 2015 to rejuvenate thisischichi.co.uk with a new website design and blog posts. I am currently in the process of producing an interview series, so keep your eyes peeled and follow on bloglovin to keep updated!

To wave goodbye to 2014 (a week late..) I wanted to share a few of my favourite outfit posts from Chichi’s year. Click on the titles to see the full post.

Celestial Smoke

Celestial Smoke 
For this post I wore my favourite witchy motel rocks dress and played around with a fog machine to create an eerie more editorial set of blog posts. It was one of my favourites because I really focused on the photographic side rather than just displaying the outfit.

Tartan and fishnet

Tartan and Fishnet
I was obsessed with this outfit for a certain period of time; throwing on an off the shoulder crop and a checked midi skirt was such an easy way to get a striking outfit. For this post I styled the skirt in two ways, the other with an embroidered white shirt (see here) but I definitely prefer this one!

Fringed kimono and jungle leaves

Fringe Kimono and Jungle Leaves
This was an outfit I shot in France in my favourite little black backless dress and a misguided duster jacket. The set of photos turned out quite nicely so do take a look at the full post, but I guess its not that hard to go wrong when kimonos are involved.

Thank you to all those who read this little blog across last year and I hope you enjoy the things I have planned for 2015.

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Autumn/ Winter ’14 Wishlist

This autumn I’m wearing greys and blacks with some metallics and silverware mixed in. As usual I am also lusting after a few oil slick/ holographic details and these are the items I’d restock my wardrobe with in an ideal world. AW 14 2Clockwise: Dress Stone Fox, jeans Ragged Priest, Jacket UNIF, Dress Ragged Priest, Choker UNIF, Dress The Lair, Sandals UNIF, Dress Yayer, Shoes Vagabond, Vest top Stone Fox,  Concho Bag The Lair

AW 14Dress Stone Fox, Knitwear UNIF, Dress UNIF, Coat Yayer, Choker Stone Fox, Top Ragged Priest, Platforms UNIF, Backpack UNIF, Slip skirt Stone Fox, Boots La Moda

 Whats on your wishlist this season? And which trends are you enjoying?
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Embroidery & Ripped Jeans

Navajo embroidery and ripped jeans 013 014 020Jeans & Lipstick Topshop, Boots Vagabond, Fedora River Island, Necklaces Depop

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Spring Summer 2015 favourites pt.2

Yamamoto CollageYohji Yamamoto. Yamamoto’s outfits looked shipwrecked. The whole show left me wondering how models with damp, windswept hair in asymmetrical, messy drapery could look so flawless. Only Yamamoto could string this all together. He’s reached a kind of untouchable middle ground between minimalism and detailed that mesmerises us. This is the first collection where he’s deliberately aimed to make his clothes sexy and it worked well with models looking like an external force was unhinging their clothes. However, for me personally the middle bit of the show is the elephant in the room because the bright yellow and sailor hats are just not pleasing to the eye at all. Especially when juxtaposed between girls that look like they’ve come out of tsunamis still looking glamourous.

Vivienne Westwood Collage

Vivienne Westwood. The theme of this show was “ecocide: death of the planet through man-made environmental catastrophe.” It opened with noises from the world’s most vicious animals and then proceeded with a catwalk of the most dangerous animal of all: mankind. This collection was typical Westwood style: a collage of shapes and structures from an array of different historical periods, with hidden elements of punk such as a fishnet sleeve peeking out from underneath a ruffled cuff. She’s been criticised for bringing nothing new to this collection, which I agree with to an extent but enjoyed it all the same. The messy hair, smudged lipstick and kiss stains on models added to it well.

Haider Ackerman Collage

Haider Ackermann was wearable and this time it isn’t fashion week’s code word for boring. Ackermann s/s 15 provides all the statement pieces you wish you had in your wardrobe. The sculptural cami dresses, obi belts and tailored trousers with satin inserts have left me wracking my brain for how I can magic up the funds to invest in this collection.

Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh’s s/s 15 grew out of the ground rather than fell from another planet. In an attempt to distance from his usual space-age feel he incorporated folk-lore myths and natural fabrics. This collection included collars bearded with rope, paper-maché animal skull masks, sleeves that reached the floor, leotards embellished with chiffon flowers that grew up and over the face and scarecrows. It was so obviously Gareth Pugh but showed a side to him that we’ve not seen like this before, which is what every designer should aim to achieve.

D&G Collage

Dolce & Gabbana. Seriously, take a look at this entire collection for yourself here because I cannot even begin to summarise in 4 photos the wide range of embellishment details, silhouettes and cultural references included in this collection. Think their signature gold, black and red feel with richly adorned bull-fighting bolero jackets and embroidered chiffon. All in all it created a cascade of dangerously sexy matadors. The finale of the show was a long-legged D&G army in white blouses and red embellished shorts.Rodarte collage

Rodarte. Square parka jackets with patchwork details thrown over ice princess dresses and ruffle blouse & jean combos underneath endlessly long lace-up boots. Refreshing.

What do you think of these collections? Whats your favourite S/S 15 show?

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Spring Summer 2015 Favourites pt.1

The server for my blog has finally been fixed so I can release this post I wrote at the end of London Fashion Week. Here I present to you reviews of my favourite s/s 15 collections (part one!). As you can tell I’m loving sheer fabrics, fishnet knits, oversized white shirts and the soon to be insertion of purple into my monochrome wardrobe!
Richard Nicoll CollageRichard Nicoll rocked a dreamy range of muted pastels, complimented by holographic fabrics and holey knits. It was a beautiful blend between sports luxe outfit combos and iridescent camisole shift dresses. It subtly reminded me of nightwear and asymmetry was a key feature in the show. The care that had been put into the fabric choice stood out to me, whether it was gently draping bias cut silks or buttery soft grey cottons. The clothes in this collection were imagined under the ideals of “clothes you could wear to a bar, then run home in” with a kind of tinkerbell magic to it.

Richard Nicoll

(Above) Richard Nicoll’s opening look: “a slipdress ethereally illuminated with a filigree of fiber optics by Studio XO”Zimmerman Collage

Zimmerman was messy. Each look in this collection had me weak at the knees with chaotic and asymmetric takes on lace dresses and the overuse of sheer fabrics that I can’t help but be enticed by. Even the crescent moon shoes had my name written all over it but as a runway collection Zimmerman did not work. There were too many textures going on that distracted away from paying attention to the beauty of any single look. MMM CollageMaison Martin Margiela‘s MM6. Flowing with the successes of the Japanese cultural dress meets Western Cowboy aesthetic in MMM’s resort collection this one featured obi belts, kimono fastenings and brown suede fringe jackets. Everything was oversized from voluptuous white shirts to baggy jeans and even the rather comedic thick laces knotted around the models’ ankles. Everything worked for me and I’m already racking my brains for a way I could pull off an embroidered waistcoat over a billowing knee-length shirt.DAKS

DAKS completed reinvented itself with a fresh look for this collection and the result was utterly flawless. A palette of white, grey and lavender (with the occasional black leather) worked excellently with Scuffi’s newfound inspiration from the ballet. This was even translated into the Royal Opera House venue. Simple outfits such as crisp white shirts and silver satin cigarette pants worked effortlessly well. However the more extravagant taffeta origami pleated fan shapes, kimono sleeves and bandage strips worked just as well. I would personally wear every piece of this collection.Tome CollageTome. I wouldn’t say I LOVED this simply because it wasn’t extraordinary but there were a lot of qualities to it that I found desirable to translate into my wardrobe. Delicate lace slips peaking out from simple midi skirts caught my eye, and lilac satin tshirts are something I’ll be looking out for on the Highstreet.

BalenciagaBalenciaga was an impactful show to say the least. Models in floor length duster coats (very cape-like?) storming over a cool blue catwalk of dry-ice smoke filled glass and metal grids certainly makes for an impactful show. Colour scheme stayed relatively loyal to black, white and lilac. A sporty neoprene take on fishnet, boxy jackets and cycling tops rang alarm bells at how influenced Alexander Wang was by the Tour de France. Whilst maintaining his signature minimalistic and sporty style he paid homage to Balenciaga’s history of couture embellishment by using geometric beading to create monotone patterns.

 Images are from style.com, collages by me

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Fringe Kimono & Jungle Leaves

This kimono is the first time I’ve considered fringing down the seam of the sleeve rather than just at the hem, and I’m so glad Missguided introduced the idea to me. I wore this outfit to dinner by the beach and as the sea breeze blew up all the tassles behind me it felt like wings, or a superhero cape. (See last picture) I would definitely recommend this kimono, not only because the print and length is faultless, but also how sassy it makes you feel.

I paired this kimono with my £8 Asos little black dress: a dress I wear endlessly because its simple enough to go with everything but the backless lattice detail prevents it from being boring.What do you think of the backdrop? I’m loving all the interesting plants here in France, prefect to draw for my art coursework!

Kimono Missguided, Dress Asos, Fedora River Island, Wedges H&M, Bag Topshop, Gold Cuff Ebay

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Ocean Coloured Shorts

I have a love hate relationship with these shorts. We all have that piece in our wardrobe which fails in one vital category: either its completely the wrong size, unavoidably see throw etc, and yet we come crawling back due to its luring appearance. I can list so many things wrong with these shorts and yet I’ve been enticed by their perfect aesthetic to wear them to Secret Garden Party and Lovebox festival and now to the beach!  I have to be honest I’m vulnerable to anything with eyelash lace. I paid £20 and waited three weeks so it’s natural that I was a little disappointed that they arrived a different colour (not a dark cobalt), size (enormous) and fabric to expected with threads still hanging off the seams. However I really don’t have much to complain about because I’ve worn them a few times and received many compliments, may I add.

These shorts (in a variety of colours) can be found everywhere online- ebay, independent stores, depop etc because like many other items they are bought from Chinese Wholesale, hence the long postage time. This also explains the low quality. They are deliberately designed to have high impact so you wear them for a one off and not long enough to notice the clothing fall apart in your hands. Yes, they’re stunning and I don’t regret buying them but in the future I’ll go direct to the wholesale to purchase so at least I can sacrifice quality at a cheaper price.

These pictures were taken in Biarritz, France and San Sebastian, Spain near where I am currently holidaying. Enjoy.

Off the shoulder crop and Choker Asos, Shorts via independent shop on depop (same here), Sandals New Look, Bag Topshop, Gold cuffs Ebay

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Monochrome Mandala Print

In this outfit I’m wearing two of my favourite accessories at the moment: a black felt fedora and a gypsy coin necklace very similar to the ones at stores such as Shop Dixi. Both of these go with absolutely everything and complete any look. Instead of adding a jacket, I layered this Loving Youth white cropped blouse underneath. I liked the way the detail on the sleeves and the pom pom trim on the dress bounce off each other for an overall bohemian feel. And all still monochrome!

Dress Topshop, Sandals New Look, Necklace (similar at Shop Dixi), Fedora River Island, Ohm chocker Depop, Top Loving Youth

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Gallery W139, Amsterdam

During my recent trip to Amsterdam I visited Gallery W139 which is based in the Red Light District, next door a Condomerie. Currently showing their ‘There is no I’ project where a group of around 11 artists create art not for the space, but in and around the space. The building itself has been converted from an anti-establishment squat to a quirky gallery. It was really interesting to have the freedom to watch the artists work as they continue to paint past the opening night, and also talk to them. For more information visit their website.

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Devil’s In The Details

Backpack, sunglasses & bracelet Topshop, Lace teddy Nastygal, Camera Lomography

Amethyst candle Natural History Museum, Purse Accesorize, Notebook Musee Fabre, Sunglasses case Topshop, Sunglasses Strawberry Fair

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